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What an absolute Gem of a brand!

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced JM dupe with longevity, this is it!
Also the packaging is so luxurious.

Rose Oud Scented Reed Diffuser Refill
Konstantinos Tasopoulos
warm strong high quality

Edward George has some of the best candles and diffusers in the market... I am obsessed

Such a beautiful scent

I wish I could have it made into perfume!

Gorgeous smell 🖤

I get compliments from my guest and asking where did i get from.

Black Plum & Rhubarb Scent Reed Diffuser
roisin devlin
Fills the whole room

Gorgeous smell that fills the entire room - so many people have commented on how lovely the smell is and the diffuser looks great

Pear & Freesia Scent Reed Diffuser
roisin devlin
Great smell

Smells fantastic - fills the whole room - highly recommended

Beautiful aroma

I bought this product after walking into my friends house and instantly asking what the smell was! Gorgeous fragrance and I cant wait to try a new scent next.

Gorgeous scent and perfect strength

This is by far the best diffuser I’ve bought. The scent is gorgeous and the strength of it is perfect; you can smell it all the time but it’s not overpowering.

The diffuser arrived within a day of ordering and in a lovely presentation box with two wax scent sample pots. Also perfect as a gift.

I won’t be buying diffusers from anyone else!

Amazing Smell and Powerful Fragrance

We have been buying Jo Malone for a number of years and purchased Edward George to give it a go and absolutely amazed how good they are would highly recommend 5 stars

Bergamot & Geranium Scent Reed Diffuser
Lovely scent

I was so pleased with my first purchase I bought another straight away.
Just as good as Jo Malone diffusers if not better.
Packaged really well. Nice to give as a gift.
Will definitely purchase again.

Black Plum & Rhubarb Scent Reed Diffuser
Zoe Wood
Great diffuser

Love this diffuser- it’s my second one!

Hi Zoe, this review made our day. Loving the setup. Thank you for your continued support.

mild but pleasant scent

this is a set of reed diffuser with a very nice gift packaging, it’s ready to send as a gift to someone who love to use reed diffuser

the product design is in all black, every items inside are in black colour, very consistent tone, a very luxurious feel

the bottle is very thick and heavy (500g), not so sure how much perfume in the bottle as i read through all product description and packaging, it didn’t mention the actual volume, i guess it’s around 100ml or less for the thickness and size of the bottle

i used it in a closed room of around 15 square meters, i couldn’t say it’s strong, i could hardly smell anything if not sitting next to it, probably myrrh and tonka are mild in their scent, but in fact the mixed up scent is very nice, i like it very much, i hope it’s strong enough so i don’t need to sniff it intentionally

all in all, i’m satisfied with this product

Bergamot & Geranium Scent Reed Diffuser
Luxury smell

Oh my this is one beautiful and luxury product. I am very fussy with my Reed Diffusers as some, especially cheaper ones, smell like toilet spray.

This product is gorgeous. It is packaged very nicely in a beautiful black box with black sleeve. Once opened you find our product laid out nicely on black tissue. to my surprise (I took a gamble on the smell) I found 2 testers that came with the diffuser. I was so happy as I didn't know which one to order, although it was a real shame that one of the samples was the smell I actually ordered!

Nevertheless, I popped the diffuser up in our living room which is around 28m square and within moments it was filled with a beautiful, perfume like expensive smell of Begamont and Geranium. My partner came downstairs and asked me what is this lovely perfume I got... well ! Here it was a gorgeous luxury black reed diffused on our mantle piece. At £30 of current price, this isn't the cheapest item and it would make a lovely present. However if this lasts a while I am definitely setting the 30 aside every few months just to purchase these diffusers. They are classy and with 5 dogs and 4 cats I need something that will smell gorgeous.
Couldn't be happier and I hope I will get the scent I got a sample of Myrrh and Tonka - gorgeous!!!

If there's one thing I can advise this company, please don't put samples of scents that are already there in the box.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Reed Diffuser Refill

Superb lasting melts .. Ive ordered them for my friends .. the fragrance is happy ..

Fabulous Product

Gorgeous smell lovely packaging great idea for a gift everybody who visits my home says what is that lovely smell 👍

majestic scent

quality which is worth it


I absolutely love this fragrance which I found because a free gift of this scent was added to a previous purchase of Fig and Cassis reed diffuser which is also gorgeous. I will continue to purchase from Edward George as the products are the best I have ever found and you get free gifts in the perfectly packaged boxes which are ideal for presents for him or her, simply divine

The best candle I've ever had

I never write reviews but this candle is just the best. The balance of notes is perfect, it burns well and lasts a long time. Thank you!

Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Classic Candle

This was a present and I saw it being opened via video. The recipient was absolutely delight- so stylish - and adored the fragrance. Then she discovered the black matches!! - what fun. I also had very good service. Highly recommend this company

Black Plum & Rhubarb Scent Reed Diffuser

My fourth purchase and very pleased again. Scent lasts forever so long.

Excellent service and excellent reeds

Cassis & Fig Scent Reed Diffuser
Charlotte Taylor
Lovely diffuser

A great looking diffuser that you can actually smell and smells great. Will be purchasing again

Cassis & Fig Scent Reed Diffuser
Katie Messenger

This smells delightful and it’s now one of my favourites

Great Smell

Great smell, long lasting, visitors love it too,.